The Deal Registration Program

The Deal Registration Program (DRP) is designed to be a mutually beneficial program for CyberLock and our partners.

The DRP provides you the opportunity to register your active opportunities to secure higher margins for registered deals. It is important to us to help the partner who cultivated the deal close the deal. By registering your opportunity, you ensure that we will redirect them back to you if they contact us directly. You also guard your opportunities and increase the likelihood of winning by securing higher discounts. A registered deal will always be given a higher discount than any non-registered deal. By registering a deal you unlock additional support from our in-house sales team. A registered opportunity is eligible for joint sales webinar presentations and more.

By registering your opportunities, you help us to forecast product demand, decreasing lead times, as well as tailor our marketing efforts to reach the markets that are most lucrative. Leads generated by these marketing efforts will then, in turn, be directed back to you. See the Lead Distribution section for more details.

All opportunities registered by you will be held in strict confidence and no information regarding the opportunity will be shared with any other partners. CyberLock will not act on any opportunity registered in the DRP unless the partner who registered it is no longer a certified partner.

To register a deal, fill out the Deal Registration Application. If the deal meets the criteria (listed below), the opportunity remains registered for 60 days. After 60 days, the Deal Registration file must be updated with new information in order to be renewed for another 60 days or the file will be marked as inactive and another partner may register the deal if desired. Once a deal is won, that deal will remain valid unless the partner becomes inactive or the end user requests to be moved to a different partner.

Product purchased for registered deals that have been won are eligible for higher discounts. For Gold Partners, product can be purchased at a 40% discount, and for Platinum Partners, product can be purchased at a 50% discount. These discounts are available only if the order is accompanied by the correct DRP identification number and proof of end-user intent to purchase (end-user PO preferred).


Platinum Partners may submit orders with their customer’s Deal Registration ID number only and do not have to produce proof of end-user purchase with customer PO.

The DRP is available to Gold and Platinum Partners.


To register an opportunity, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Opportunity must not be registered to any other partner
  2. Partner must be in good standing
  3. Partner must possess the appropriate training certification to support the opportunity
  4. Opportunity must be geographically located in an area the partner is able to support
  5. Partner must be engaged with the end user and have at least 25% chance to win the opportunity


To update a previously registered deal to renew its registration, the above criteria must be met in addition to the following:

  1. Partner must update the DRP file to reflect any and all new information gathered
  2. Partner must explain why the opportunity should be renewed and not marked inactive


Lead Distribution

Leads generated in-house will be distributed to the reseller most capable of meeting the end user’s needs. The scope of the project, the software level required, the end-user market, and the end-user location will all be taken into consideration. Only Gold and Platinum Partners are eligible to receive leads.

These leads will operate differently than partner generated opportunities. Leads distributed by us to you will be automatically registered for two business days. It is imperative that leads distributed by us are claimed and followed up on by partners to continue to progress the lead into an opportunity. If a lead is not claimed within two business days and followed up on within the designated amount of time, the partner forfeits the lead. This lead will be redirected to another partner.